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Alberta One-Call was incorporated in 1982 and began operations in 1984. It very quickly became recognized and accepted as the focal point of the damage prevention process in Alberta. During the ensuing 37 years, Alberta One-Call successfully fostered a cooperative approach among all stakeholders for the prevention of damage to buried facilities. This work was also supported by the focused efforts of the Alberta Common Ground Alliance.

The Joint Utility Safety Team (JUST) was a partnership between Alberta electric utilities with contributions from local municipalities, which collaborated to create the successful “Where’s The Line?” campaign to address the frequency of power line contacts across the province.

The Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA), formerly the Alberta Damage Prevention Council (ADPC), was a non-profit society of stakeholders in the damage prevention process. Membership in the ABCGA was open to any individual, corporation, association or committee with an interest in the prevention of damage to buried facilities.

The ABCGA was dedicated to the minimizing of damages caused to buried facilities from unauthorized contacts and to the promotion of safe working environments for all agencies involved in development and construction.

Following recommendations to the ABCGA and Alberta One-Call Boards of Directors, the ABCGA, JUST and Alberta One-Call unified into a single damage prevention organization January 1, 2021.

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