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Your responsibilities as a registered Asset Owner are to:

  • Adhere to the obligations outlined in your service agreement with Utility Safety Partners (Alberta One-Call User Agreement).
  • Provide and maintain a current database of locations where you need to be notified of proposed ground disturbances and surface works.
  • Assess the information on locate requests transmitted to you and determine if the proposed activity (ground disturbance or surface work) will be in conflict with your utilities.
  • Respond to notifications of proposed ground disturbance or surface works within the prescribed notice period. For ground disturbances, you are expected to contact the ground disturber and either notify them that there is no conflict or make arrangements for a mutually acceptable time to meet on-site to identify and mark the locations of your buried utilities.
  • For surface works near registered overhead powerlines, the Utility Safety Partners will automatically notify the party performing those works of the minimum safety requirements when working near overhead powerlines and provide contact information for those utilities.
  • Provide the excavator written documentation of locates performed or clearances granted.
  • Promote the use of the notification service and the Click Before You Dig call to action.

To learn more about becoming a registered Asset Owner, contact our Member Services Team.

Download our current list of Registered Asset Owners from the Member List page.