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Industry Recognition Awards

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Industry Recognition Awards

Utility Safety Partners (USP) values safety, advocacy, and participation as a critical foundation to keeping people safe when working around utilities. We want to recognize dedicated Albertans who uphold these core values through the work they do in damage prevention, so each year, USP awards the title of Excavator of the Year, Locator of the Year, and USP Member of the Year to deserving recipients.


Both organizations and individuals can qualify for USP’s Recognition Awards. Those who wish to be considered for a recognition award may self-nominate or may be nominated by a peer or other industry stakeholder. Nominees must meet the qualifying criteria outlined in the Nomination Form.

To nominate a colleague for Excavator of the Year, Locator of the Year, or USP Member of the Year, complete the appropriate Nomination Form and submit it to [email protected] for consideration. Nominations are accepted between October 15 and December 31 each year. Submissions that are incomplete or do not meet the minimum criteria standards will not be considered

Excavator of the Year Nomination Form

Locator of the Year Nomination Form

Member of the Year Nomination Form

Selection Process

Eligible nominee submissions are scored based on the criteria outlined in the Nomination Forms. The top 3-rated candidates in each category may be contacted and asked to complete a short questionnaire or interview to further detail the reasons they should be considered.
The Recognition Award Selection Committee will consider the nomination form, scoring matrix, and final questionnaire answers to choose a winner from the finalists. A minimum of 50% of each Selection Committee will be members of the category peer group.


Recognition Awards will be announced during Dig Safe Month (April) each year. Recipients will receive a plaque and an official logo to post on their website or other publications.
Every second year, awards will be presented in person at USP’s Safety Conference.

Award recipients are published below, on social media, and in the USP newsletter.

Award Winners

This is the first year for USP’s Industry Recognition Awards. Recipients will be announced here in spring 2024.