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One System. One Approach.

Over the last 35 years, One-Call services were introduced individually across the country with “brick and mortar” centres serving their respective provinces. With the proliferation of online locate requesting / ClickBeforeYouDig services, software improvements and mobile applications, the demand on One-call software, systems, and process has increased dramatically. Despite the traditional reference to a “One-call” Centre, all operations are now predominantly over the web.

The migration to the web from the phone has streamlined operations, increased efficiency, and reduced damages. It has allowed neighbouring provincial systems to assist one another to overcome volume, seasonal, after-hours, and redundancy challenges. Where we once operated comfortably in provincial silos, we are now working together to deliver “One System / One Approach” for all of our safety partners.

The alignment of business rules allows for operational efficiency, reduction of errors, opportunities for economies of scale in advertising, awareness messaging, training, and shared technology.

Business Rule Alignment Group (BRAG)

In early 2016, the western Canadian One Call Centres for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba created a Business Rule Alignment Group (BRAG) to investigate the possibility of aligning business rules for using One Call services for all provinces. The group consists of provincial industry representatives from locate contractors, CCGA regional partners, One Call centre operations and provincial Member Resource Committees.

In July 2016, BRAG achieved agreement on alignment of business rules and practices, and produced the document “Business Rules for the User of Western Canadian One Call Services.

In October 2016, the Western Canadian One Call Centres, collectively known as “Before You Dig Partners (BYDP)” selected PelicanCorp to provide a single utility notification software solution to be used in four provinces.

Maintaining and Updating the Business Rules

Select members of the BRAG form the smaller BYDP Committee which will be responsible for maintaining the BRAG Rules going forward.

There is a Transaction Record process for submitting a request for changes to the Aligned Business Rules. To review the process and submit a transaction request, please visit BeforeYouDigPartners.com.