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The former Alberta One-Call, Alberta Common Ground Alliance, and the Joint Utility Safety Team have united under one name: Utility Safety Partners.

We keep Albertans safe around utilities.

In Alberta, our lives revolve around utilities. We wake in a warm and cozy home, make some coffee, turn on the morning news and start our day. Yet we don’t think about the gas, electricity, water, and telecommunications we just accessed. We don’t have to. They’re just always there.

It’s no wonder that when a worker starts up their equipment or a homeowner pulls out a shovel that utility lines aren’t always top of mind. That’s the real danger. And that’s where we come in.

Our work is life changing. It can be the difference between a mother living a comfortable life—or enduring painful injuries and endless rehab. It can be the difference between a father coming home for dinner with his kids—or never coming home again.

Now, with the efforts of three organizations together as one, even more lives can be saved.

We are Alberta’s trusted resource for utility safety. The one hub everyone can always rely on. Awareness, education, and locates combine to prevent contact with overhead and underground lines—keeping people and infrastructure safe.

When we succeed, we save Alberta companies and taxpayers millions of dollars, while preventing costly service outages that disrupt people’s lives. It’s another powerful outcome of our lifesaving work.