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Utility Safety Partners is the only Regional Partner of the Canadian Common Ground Alliance that has a committee dedicated to developing and maintaining training standards relating to damage prevention activities.

The Training Standards Committee objectives are to:

  • Identify, develop, implement and maintain a suite of training program standards for delivery through current and emerging channels and submit them for the approval of the USP President;
  • Subject training organizations’ training programs to the assessment and endorsement protocol, on application, in an expeditious manner;
  • Assist applicants in their pursuit of endorsement of their training programs;
  • Conform with USP’s document management process to ensure currency of minimum training program content;
  • Work cooperatively with the established subcommittees and teams within the USP framework; and
  • Work cooperatively with the Common Ground Alliance Regional Partners is a spirit of shared responsibility to enhance training standards.


Want to be Endorsed?

The Ground Disturbance 201 Standards (AB, BC, MB) have been developed with input from stakeholders in the ground disturbance and buried facility damage prevention communities. It defines the minimum content and learner evaluation requirements for instructor-led and online training programs. Programs endorsed to a Ground Disturbance 201 Standard are suitable for those that wish to ultimately become ground disturbance supervisors.

The Ground Disturbance 101 Standard is intended to provide the necessary information for workers who participate in ground disturbance activities under supervision. This Standard’s content places an emphasis on content that a non-supervisory level worker needs to know.

The Locating & Marking Standard was created as the initial step in developing the Alternate Locate Provider (ALP) program.  The content includes regulatory requirements and best practices in regards to locating underground shallow utilities, as well as the specific requirements of the Alberta Consortium of Owners.  Endorsement to this Standard is required for all training programs that intend on delivering to those learners wishing to participate in the ALP program

A valid training certificate with an endorsement from Utility Safety Partners provides employers, purchasers of ground disturbance services, and operators of buried facilities the confidence that certified individuals have received consistent, accurate information to an industry approved standard.

For a list of training providers currently endorsed by Utility Safety Partners, click HERE

Document Downloads

The documents below contain more information on the ground disturbance Standards:

Contact the Training Standards Committee by emailing [email protected] with “Training Standards” in the subject line.